Filename Size Readme O.S. Description
zip 828KB dis57.htm Dos Win 3.1/95 56W-P 56k faxmodem M/N 801drivers
zip 65KB lcpnpcfg.htm Logicode Windows 95 drivers for various 22.8 and 33.6 PNP modems
see readme for models
zip 76KB   This is the Windows 95 driver and DOS-based Configuration Utility for these Logicode PnP modems:
Logicode 1414HVP Modem
Logicode 28H-P Modem
Logicode 28H-SP-P Modem
Logicode 28H-SVD-P Modem
zip 843KB lt56.htm Windows 95 drivers for Logicode 56W-P Modem
zip 64KB mdmlti.htm Win 3.1 and 95 drivers for 14.4k, 28.8k and 33.6k models see readme for models
zip 8KB   This is the Windows 95 .INF driver for these various logicode modems: See readme for models